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  •    During Workshop in Vladivostok in August 29-30 the institutions and organizations listed below were identified as the stakeholders. These are various agencies and committees, state authoritative bodies, non-governmental organizations and investing foundations, entrepreneurs and so on.

      Business sector
      Local Government
      Farmers and other natural resource users
      Scientists and Technicians
      Non-governmental organizations
      Ministry of Nature Resources
      Ministry of Economic Development and Trade
      Ministry of Transport
      Ministry of Industry, Science and Technology
      Ministry of Finance
      Ministry of Agriculture

    For detail, please, find source documents:

    Cluster Analysis - Issues and Threats (Tumen River Zone)

    Results of the Working Group on "Tumen River Basin" (TumenNET Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis Policy Workshop, Vladivostok, 29-30 August 2001.

    Information, which may be useful for future investor, have been considered in special sector reports, which together with the national country reports make a base for analyzing trans-boundary zones and carrying out the Strategic Actions Program (in process now).

    This chapter includes briefly the main perspective and recommendation from sector reports:

    Ecotourism Opportunities

    Coastal Priority Environmental Issues (including Peter the Great Bay and East Coast of Korean Peninsula)

    Loss of Natural Habitat and important Ecosystems due to anthropogenic activity

    Large Predators, Ungulates and their Environmental

    Migratory birds and their habitats

    Transport Corridors And Their Contribution To Transboundary Environmental Degradation In Northeast Asia

    Tumen River Area Priority Environmental Issues

    Urbanization and Environmental Effects


    Findings for discussion with stakeholders on the Tumen River Basin Zone


    International working meeting resolution on Biodiversity Conservation in Northeast Asia, June 2-3, 27-28; July 28-31, 2001.

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