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A Northeast Asian Strategic Action Program to protect Transboundary Biodiversity and International Water Resources and to attract Green Investment.
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  •    The project, at its first stage funded by the Governments of China, Mongolia, the Republic of Korea and the Russian Federation, gained support of the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). The funding in the amount of US$5 million was provided for preparation within the period of two years of the Strategic Action Program (SAP) for protection of biodiversity, international waters resources, its coastal regions and important ecosystems of the North-Eastern Asia.

    The project comprises 5 major project components:

    (EIS) Environmental Information System;

    (TDA) Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis;

    (AWARE) Awareness Raising Program (provision of information about ecological problems to the residents of the area where the project is supposed to be implemented);

    (SAP) Strategic Action Program;

    (SURWEY) Regional Water Survey;

    To implement the project the following organizational structure has been established, including:

      Leading organizations for each of the above-mentioned project components (Lead Agents),

      National organizations from each participating country responsible for the projects national components in cooperation with the Lead Agents (Partner Institutions),

    The Project Coordination Unit (PCU) located in Beijing carries out the general management of the project.

    For exchange of information between the Coordination Unit and all the project participants, national coordination units have been established in each country for preparation of Strategic Action Program in the area of Tumen river (SAP PU).

    The project name - TumenNET fully reflects the projects central idea of solving the environmental problems through creation of regional partnership of the representatives of local authorities, regional and national governments, business circles, academic institutions, the public, and non-government organizations.


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    Mikhail Bibikov-


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    Scientific Superviser

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    Findings for discussion with stakeholders on the Tumen River Basin Zone


    International working meeting resolution on Biodiversity Conservation in Northeast Asia, June 2-3, 27-28; July 28-31, 2001.

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