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A Northeast Asian Strategic Action Program to protect Transboundary Biodiversity and International Water Resources and to attract Green Investment.
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    Under the guidance of the Regional EIS Lead Agent, the Jilin Provincial Institute for Environmental Protection, national websites in English language and in national languages were established and a regional information network is on-air and accessible via the internet. The websites contain information on biodiversity and environmental threats to international water resources. Up-to-date maps as well as pertinent information from national reports and regional sector reports are available too.

    Pacific Institute of Geography Far Eastern Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences if EIS Partner institution.

    Russia is represented in the TUMENNET by South-Western Primorye (SWP), South part of Chitinskaya oblast (South Chita area) and Daurian zone. There is thematic information for potential Stakeholders and sponsors. Also there is information about AWARE activities and public relations.

    INTERNET addresses of EIS:

    Russian site

    Regional information

    Chinese site

    Korean site (ROK)

    Mongolian site


    Findings for discussion with stakeholders on the Tumen River Basin Zone


    International working meeting resolution on Biodiversity Conservation in Northeast Asia, June 2-3, 27-28; July 28-31, 2001.

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